Important Notice Regarding Certificate Program

Monday, September 9, 2013 @ 11:19 AM

It has come to our attention that at least one College in the OntarioLearn system, through which our Certificate in Community Advocacy Program is offered, has altered the requirements and the content of the Program.  This has been done without the knowledge, permission, or approval of Community Law School, which is the sole owner of this Program and all Program materials as identified on our Certificate information page on this website.  We urge any persons interested in taking the Certificate Program, or any individual courses, to do so by registering ONLY through Lambton College. Lambton's Program, and Program requirements, conform to our standards and comply with with the Certificate requirements and expectations set by Community Law School.  Lambton College was, and continues to be, the only College in the system with which we have a partnership relationship regarding the rights to use and offer the Certificate Program.  Thank you.