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Law Talk is a series of legal information columns written by students at the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law who volunteer in the Community Legal Services and Pro Bono Students Canada programs under the supervision of Faculty Advisor (and Community Law School's Legal Education Coordinator) Margaret Capes. These columns originally appeared in the student newspapers at Western and at Fanshawe College. Given the timeliness of the topics, we thought that they may be of interest and assistance to our Community Law School readers.

We've Never Met: Agreements by Telephone and Mail

  Law Talk September, 2013 We’ve Never Met: Agreements by Telephone and Mail A lawn care company calls and asks if you want to buy a summer package of lawn cutting and weeding. Or, you fill out a subscription card to have a magaz


What is the Role of a Mediator?

August, 2008 A mediator is a neutral third party who assists the disputants to resolve their differences and form a workable agreement. Generally it is a person who is not directly involved in the dispute or the substantive issues in question. Thi


When do you use Alternative Dispute Resolution?

August 2008 Conflict is not inherently destructive, in fact, it can present us with an opportunity to strengthen relationships and achieve personal growth. Our attitude and reaction to conflict is a critical factor. Unresolved conflict is negat


Who is Who? Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Law Talk September, 2013 Who is Who? Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft With the explosion of Internet traffic, incidents of identity theft have increased dramatically. The Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus estimates that identi


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