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Law Talk is a series of legal information columns written by students at the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law who volunteer in the Community Legal Services and Pro Bono Students Canada programs under the supervision of Faculty Advisor (and Community Law School's Legal Education Coordinator) Margaret Capes. These columns originally appeared in the student newspapers at Western and at Fanshawe College. Given the timeliness of the topics, we thought that they may be of interest and assistance to our Community Law School readers.

How to Negotiate

August 2008 Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate. - John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, 1961. It happens every time you need someone to agree with you or to do anything for you or to tell him to move away, and th


Landlord and Tenant Board Mediation

The Landlord and Tenant Board applies the Residential Tenancies Act in residential landlord and tenant cases. One of the Board's responsibilities is to provide information about the Act to landlords and tenants. In many cases, once landlords and


Motor Vehicle Repairs under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002

Law Talk September, 2013 Motor Vehicle Repairs under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 For many of us, motor vehicle repairs are an essential part of life. This article will give you an overview of your rights, and tell you what you can do if


Police and Judicial Release

November 2011 Once you've been arrested for allegedly committing a crime, and the police have held you in custody temporarily, they have to decide what to do with you. Sometimes you will be released almost immediately, and other times you will be


Straight Talk on Collection Agencies

Debt can happen to anyone. Falling on hard times, overspending, or simply being dissatisfied with a product are just a few of the reasons debts go unpaid. But whatever the reason, if you owe money, your creditors may choose to use a collection a


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